Chemical Foaming Agent Injection Mold Foaming Agent

Chemical Foaming Agent Injection Mold Foaming Agent A chemical blowing agent is a substance that breaks down to release gas when heated. The chemical foaming agent foaming method is a process in which a specially added chemical foaming agent is thermally decomposed during processing to foam the plastic melt and form a product. The characteristics of this method are that the equipment used is usually not very special and complicated, and it is suitable for the foaming of most thermoplastics, so it is widely used. However, in order to improve the performance of the product, there are certain requirements for the foaming agent. Our products also have a Foaming Agent, which is generally used to block the gaps of doors and windows, and connect the gaps of doors and windows through its filling function to achieve a sealing effect; the color Masterbatch Foaming Agent is the matrix of the color masterbatch. The special color masterbatch generally uses the same resin as the pro…

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