Gentle Care Natural Biodegradable Wet Baby Wipes

Soft and Comfortable Protective and Hygienic Sustainable  *Made for your baby’s sensitive skin  *Thick and soft wipe for a gentle clean that is safe for baby, hands, and face *0% fragrance, alcohol, parabens, or phenoxyethanol  *Tape-seal closure makes for easy stacking, ideal for refilling baby wipe dispensers and wipe warmers, contains 60 wipes Features 1. Breathable and water absorption, soft and comfortable. 2. Wet and dry dual use, safe and eco-friendly. No harmful chemicals, reusable and durable, easy to clean. 3. Recyclable and 100% degradable 4. Lower price with high quality Why bamboo? 1. Bamboo is a Grass not Tree 2. Bamboo is Naturally Organic & is one of the worlds Fastest Growing Plants  3. It doesn't need any pesticides or fertilizer to grow 4. Bamboo grows 50cm a day 5. It doesn't need replanting & possible can have 3 crop cycle a year 6. It helps to slow Global warming. It…

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