Jingshan Jin Basswood Mushrooms

Jingshan Jin Basswood Mushrooms Brand: Jingshan Jin Product Type: Agricultural Products Main sales market: Asia; Europe and the United States; Russia Product and Specifications: Bulk 500g/bag Packing method: bag Weight: 500g Unit price: 83 yuan/bag MOQ: 1 bag Logistics cost: free shipping Place of Origin: Baokang County Basswood mushroom is one of Baokang's specialties. It grows in the wild and is not cultivated in artificial greenhouses. It has no chemical fertilizers, pesticides and hormones. The surface of the mushroom is cracked after being exposed to sunlight, and the color is bright. Short, clean, no need to cut feet; the smell is rich and fragrant, the aftertaste of eating is long, and the mouth remains fragrant; basswood mushrooms are rich in vegetable protein, multivitamins, polysaccharides, and lentinin. After soaking, the Baokang shiitake mushrooms have the same fragrance of the mushroom flesh, the mushroom body is as fresh as the one just picked, and the mus…


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