Microsphere Foaming Agent Fine Rubber

Microsphere Foaming Agent Fine Rubber Foaming agent is the substance that makes the target substance pore, which can be divided into three categories: chemical foaming agent, physical foaming agent and surfactant. Chemical foaming agents are those compounds that can release gases such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen after being decomposed by heating, and form pores in the polymer composition; physical foaming agents are foam pores that change through the physical form of a certain substance. , that is, formed by the expansion of compressed gas, the volatilization of liquid or the dissolution of solid; the foaming agent has high surface activity, which can effectively reduce the surface tension of the liquid, and arrange the double electron layer on the surface of the liquid film to surround the air , forming bubbles, which in turn form foam from individual bubbles. Our products also have a Foaming Agent, which is generally used to block the gaps of doors and windows, and conne…


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