Non Gmo Corn for Sale

How to make Fresh Corn hen recipe:             1. Bone the chicken thigh meat and cut into small cubes, marinate with a little cooking wine, salt, pepper, starch, and ginger slices for ten to fifteen minutes. Prepare the corn kernels, cut the red pepper into small cubes, and cut the comatus comatus into small cubes. Dice green onions. 2. Frying: Heat the pan with cold oil, add the diced chicken, stir fry quickly, add the chopped green onion when the onion is ripe, add the coprinus comatus, corn kernels, and stir-fry, add a little oyster sauce, salt, chicken essence, Because oyster sauce has a salty taste, do not add too much salt and chicken essence. 3. Continue to stir-fry, add red colored pepper, stir-fry for one minute and it will be out of the pot. Black waxy corn  details as follow.  Name Fresh Waxy Corn Size 200g and up…

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