Premium Zinc Oxide Zinc White

Premium Zinc Oxide Zinc White Zinc oxide, also known as zinc white, is a pure white powder composed of small amorphous or needle-like particles. As a basic chemical raw material, it has a wide range of applications, such as rubber electronics, medicine, coatings and other industries. Zinc oxide is mainly divided into direct method zinc oxide and indirect method zinc oxide. As a white pigment, the color is pure white. The tinting strength and hiding power of zinc oxide are not as good as those of zinc barium dioxide and titanium dioxide, but they have a greater price advantage than rutile titanium dioxide, and are not easy to powder. Heat and weather resistance, suitable for exterior wall coatings. Its usage tends to increase year by year and replace part of titanium dioxide. In addition, zinc oxide can react with trace fatty acids to form zinc soap, and also has the function of making the paint film tough, firm and impermeable, preventing metal corrosion. Our products…

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