Bailong Chuangyuan 1 ton Galacto-oligosaccharide GOS

Product Description Galactoligosaccharide is a natural functional oligosaccharide, which exists in animal milk. Using lactose as raw material and  by the action of beta-galactosidase, the oligosaccharide mixture of galactose molecule is linked by β(1-4), β(1-6) and β(1-3)  bonds on the galactose group in the molecule of lactose. It is helpful to improve the constipation and poor calcium absorption  of breast-fed infants, and to improve the nutritional and health status of infants.  Ø Sweetness is 30%~40% of sucrose, and the sweetness is soft and pure Ø Higher viscosity than sucrose (75Brix at the same sugar degree) Ø Be stable under high temperature and acidic conditions (pH 3.0, 160 ℃ , 15 min does not decompose), and can be used in acidic food. Ø Good moisture retention and can not only provide soft swe…

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