Lab Supplies

Beauty Gel preparation apparatus PGM-10
Vacuum Laboratory drying box DZF-6020/6050/6090/6210
Struers material grinding and polishing machine
ATM metallographic grinding and polishing machine
Automatic Precision Cutting Machine for Metallographic
ZF-10L Lab scale nutsche filter dryer
Portable eyewash Stainless steel
Conductive Pipette Tips For Lab
tissue culture solution bottles and caps | Other Lab Supplies
Multiple magnetic stirrer MS-04N MS-09N MS-16N | Other Lab Supplies
Low Speed Centrifuge With Brushless Motor LC-05C LC-06C
RE-501 cbd oil distillation machine rotovap 5l
OPT380 metallographic grinding machine
Electronic Tube Filler Pipette Controller
HCTSpin haematocrit
covid-19 rapid saliva antigen test
DIY Plate Magnetic Stirrer
Magnetic stirrer 85-1 CJ881 78-1 79-1
AD-PB Plate metallographic abrasive parts | Laboratory Clamp
Amber Colour 125ml PP Wide Mouth Reagent Bottle | Other Lab Supplies
The model of the rotary blood mixer KJMR-IV
Metallographic polishing machine testing
metallographic saw metallurgical sample cutting machine
intelligent plastic electric Laboratory Oscillator shaker
DiaRe Diamond Disc Grinding machine parts
GP-2000A Automatic Grinder & Polisher
RE-201D Lab rotary evaporator price
KRE6020 20L rotary evaporator rotavap set up
Blood Mixing Oscillator ZM-7 ZM-7D | Other Lab Supplies
Stainless steel water faucet
digital display Six-in-one Magnetic stirrer for laboratory
Digital Stirred glass reactor for mixing stirring
High-speed centrifuge HC-16C plus HC-16L HC-20L
Laboratory Aluminum Fume exhaust
Sensor faucet cold water tap
PGspin(PRF CGF)centrifuge
20L Short Path Distillation
96 samples Magnetic Bar Automated DNA/RNA Extraction System | Other Lab Supplies

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