Lab Supplies

multichannel pipette 12 channel | Other Lab Supplies
Chemical lab supplies 90mm petri dishes
Conductive Pipette Tips For Lab
covid-19 rapid saliva antigen test
polycarbonate erlenmeyer flasks for optimum visibility
PGspin(PRF CGF)centrifuge
Magnetic stirrer 85-1 CJ881 78-1 79-1
Low Speed Centrifuge With Brushless Motor LC-05C LC-06C
tissue culture solution bottles and caps
single channel multi dispenser pipette | Other Lab Supplies
1000mL Erlenmeyer Cell Shaker Flask | Other Lab Supplies
Beauty Gel preparation apparatus PGM-10
Stainless steel water faucet
Plastic Reagent Bottle Wide Mouth Amber
Vacuum Laboratory drying box DZF-6020/6050/6090/6210
Track type cradle MS-300
Blood Mixing Oscillator ZM-7 ZM-7D
Syringe pipette pump 25ml
The model of the rotary blood mixer KJMR-IV
Laboratory Aluminum Fume exhaust | Other Lab Supplies
Vertical Laboratory Single outlet tap | Other Lab Supplies
Reading Variable Volume Adjustable Pipette
Portable eyewash Stainless steel
Amber Colour 125ml PP Wide Mouth Reagent Bottle
75 cm cell culture flask
Mixer ftaps grey for public places
HCTSpin haematocrit
Electronic Tube Filler Pipette Controller
DIY Plate Magnetic Stirrer
Pipette stand | Pipette
Laboratory Drip rack Lab Dry Frame | Other Lab Supplies
digital display Six-in-one Magnetic stirrer for laboratory
intelligent plastic electric Laboratory Oscillator shaker
Multiple magnetic stirrer MS-04N MS-09N MS-16N
Single Channel Adjustable Volume Micro Pipette Micropipette Laboratory
50 ml centrifuge tube rack
Low-speed refrigerated centrifuge LC-06F
Lab Wall-mounted single outlet faucet White
Laboratory Single outlet tap White
Sensor faucet cold water tap | Other Lab Supplies

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