Acoustic Components

Piezo Buzzer HND-2310E 23x10mm 12V DC 85dB | Acoustic Components
12x5.5mm Piezoelectric Transducer Buzzer 9V 5mA
40x16mm Piezoelectric Buzzer 3-25V 90dB 3400Hz
30x15mm Piezoelectric Buzzer 200V-250V 5mA Beep
7.5x7.5x2.5mm SMD Magnetic Transducer Buzzer 3.6V
11x9x1.7mm SMD Piezo Transducer Buzzer 3V 6V 12V
9.6x5mm SMD Magnetic Buzzer 3V 5V 30mA 2700Hz
42x16mm Piezo Buzzer with Three Wire Leads 1-30V
4x4x2mm SMD Magnetic Buzzer 3V 4000Hz
12.8x12.8x6.5mm SMD Magnetic Buzzer 5v 2400hz | Acoustic Components
9x9x1.8mm SMD Piezo Transducer Buzzer 3V 5V 4000Hz | Acoustic Components
Magnetic Buzzer HNB-09A05 9x5.5mm 5V DC 82dB
8.5x8.5x3mm SMD Magnetic Transducer Buzzer 3.3V 5V
Magnetic Buzzer 12x9mm 3Vo-p 85dB 2Khz
9x9x3.2mm SMD Magnetic Transducer Buzzer 3V 85db
Magnetic Buzzer 12x9.5mm 5V DC 85db with Pin

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