Petrochemical Products

XG-L11 150BS based High Temperature Grease | Lubricant
Aluminium Complex Lubricating Grease For Bearings
Oleic acid amide CAS 301-02-0 Slip Agent
Gas-to-liquid Heat Transfer Fluid
Heat Transfer Fluid For Gas Processing
Lsopropyl Biphenyl Mixture Heat Transfer Fluid
Calcium Sulphonate Complex Grease
Aluminum Stamping Stretching Oil
KUNLUN#62 Fully Refined Paraffin Wax
Ordinary Castings And Steel Parts Cutting Fluid | Lubricant
Modified Synthetic Alkanes Heat Transfer Oil | Lubricant
Oleamide CAS 301-02-0 Opening Agent Slip Agent Lubricant
Premium Blend Soy Wax For Pillar Candle
Synthetic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Mixture Heat transfer Fluid
Stearyl Erucamide with CAS10094-45-8
Multi purpose graphite grease
Industrial Equipment Spindle Oil
High adhesion power tool EP2 grease
high temperature forging for aero enginnering equipment
KUNLUN#64 Semi Refined Paraffin Wax | Paraffin
Automotive and industrial machine lithium base grease | Lubricant
super alloy forging for Aerospace
Synthetic Rubber Heat Transfer Fluid
Stainless Steel Fine Blanking Oil
Multifunctional Additives Bearing Machinery Oil
Emulsified Oil And Concentrate For Hydraulic Supports
Four-Stroke Engines Natural Gas Engine Oil
Alkylbenzene Heat Transfer Fluid
Food Industry Transfer Fluid
Heat Transfer Fluid For Surface Treatment | Lubricant
Shell Electrical Insulating Oil | Lubricant
Industrial Sewing Machines Oil
High Temperature White Special Grease Synthetic Chain Oil
LUBU HM Anti-wear Hydraulic Oil
gas turbine gland seal forging
Behenic acid amide CAS 3061-75-4
Hydrogenated Terphenyl Heat Transfer Fluid
L-DRA Series Refrigeration Oil
L-HFGL Water Glycol Fire Resistant Hydraulic Oil
KUNLUN#56 Fully Refined Paraffin Wax | Paraffin

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