Textile Processing

LIVITE fabric of water pool for outdoor service | Textile Processing
LIVITE PVC tarpaulin 900gsm waterproof for tent
LIVITE PVC tarpaulin 630gsm for truck cover
LIVITE backlit PVC flex banner for printing
LIVITE 1300gsm PVDF/Acrylic Membrance Structure
LIVITE flex door material 900gsm
LIVITE 650gsm waterpool coated fabric outdoor
LIVITE 100% polyester printing fabric dye sublimation
LIVITE PVC Coated polyester mesh to construction
Raw materials for chenille clothing | Textile Processing
Hydrophilic non-woven fabric Functional non-woven fabrics | Textile Processing
LIVITE high quality coated mesh for outdoor service
LIVITE 1050gsm PVC tensile membrane structure tent
hot sale Raw White POY for Final 75D/72F
LIVITE 1350g PVC membrane structure for parking lot
Black flat mask non-woven
LIVITE 450gsm backlit pvc banner for outdoor advertising
4.5 s matt polyester Chenille yarn
120 g non-woven packaging fabric Face cloth
Factory Supply Polyester POY 250D/96F for Final 150D/96F | Textile Processing
16s imitation cashmere fabric chenille | Textile Processing
12 s imitation of cashmere chenille
Storage box for non-woven products
LIVITE printing fabric for backlight light box
LIVITE 1400gsm PVC membrane material for stadium
Chenille curtain raw material
100% Polyester 250D/48F for final 150D/48F Yarn
Conventional KN95 nonwoven fabric
Covering film insulation non-woven fabric
High quality antibacterial and mildew proof non-woven fabric | Textile Processing
Polyester FDY DDB Yarn Item 55D/24F | Textile Processing
100 Polyester FDY SD Yarn item 45D/24F
HOT SALE POY 250D/144F TBR Polyester Filament Yarn
OEKOTEX Certified 250D/288F for fianl 150D/288F POY
Common type of protective equipment
25 grams of environmentally friendly non-woven fabric
Factory Direct Supply FDY DDB 75D/36F Yarn
75g spring wrap non-woven fabric
100% Polyester POY 218D/48F TBR Yarn | Textile Processing

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