Basic Organic Chemicals

CO2 gas Good Quality High purity 5N | Basic Organic Chemicals
Glacial Acetic Acid CAS 64-19-7
Hua Diao wine aged 10years
Pharmaceutical Intermediates 2-Amino-3-nitro-6-picoline
Yellow Powder Corn Gluten Meal
5,6-Dichloronicotinic acid Pharmaceutical intermediate
Intermediates 5-Bromo-2-Chloro-3-nitro-4-methylpyridine
Plastic Keychain Made of Soft Eco-friendly PVC
corn protein powder animal feed
Pharmaceutical Intermediates 2-Bromo-4-cyanopyridine | Basic Organic Chemicals
3,5-Dichlorophenol CAS 591-35-5 Pharmaceutical Intermediates | Basic Organic Chemicals
Hexafluoroethane C2F6, specialty gas, pure gas,
Isohexane 2-Methylpentane CAS 73513-42-5
Industrial Screw Air Compressor Oil Additive Package
Food Preservatives Sodium Benzoate (EINECS No.: 208-534-8)
carbomite (urea) CAS No. 57-13-6
wholesale high purity paraffin wax for sculpture
promitor soluble corn fiber
Low Base Synthetic Calcium Sulfonate 20 TBN
Good quality Sodium Formate,CAS:141-53-7
NaOH Caustic Soda Flake
99.9% Purity Halocarbon23 Trifluoromethane CHF3
99.999% High Purtiy Octafluorocyclobutane Refrigerants C4F8 for Semiconductor Industry
High Quality Corn Protein Powder
Semi Synthetic Metal Working Fluid Cutting Fluid
Fuel Additive Energy Saving Gasoline Detergent
4-Hydroxy-4'-isopropoxydiphenylsulfone 95235-30-6
High Grade Oil Proof Burger Paper Sheet | Basic Organic Chemicals
Dagu brand K59 PVC Resin DG-800T | Carbohydrate
Sinopec PVC Resin S1300 K71 for Plastic Gloves
HT6831 series of environmentally friendly PVC
Methyl Fluoride CH3F hot sale
Wholesale Good Quality Tetravinylsilane
60% food grade sodium lactate
Sodium gluconate 99%- Construction Chemicals
Group V Double Ester Synthetic Base Oil Diester
Group V Synthetic Base Oil Trimethylolpropane Ester
CNG Compressed Natural Gas Engine Oil additive Package | Organic Acid

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