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Armcoltherm mainly produces, develops and markets heat transfer oil and industrial lubricant products. Armcoltherm relies on more than 20 years of rich experience in 100% focus on heat transfer oil and industrial lubricant technology, advocates "green economy, energy cycle" as the goal, and continues to provide customers with products, perfect after-sales service and excellent after-sales service in the field of heat transfer and lubrication. Technical Support. To meet the needs of the Chinese market, set up an import sub-assembly base-Suzhou Amco New Chemical Materials Co., Ltd. (trade service type) in 2017, and set up a manufacturing base-Liaoning Amco Lubrication Technology Co., Ltd. (manufacturing type) in 2019. There are storage bases, laboratories, manufacturing bases, technical service centers, etc. in Suzhou, Wuxi, Liaoning, Anhui, Ningxia and other places. We have equipped laboratories and equipped with service personnel to provide a complete set of heat transfer oil solut…

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