Herbicide diquat 200g/l SL

Common Name: Diquat, Piquet/Deiquat/Reward/dibromide Synonyms: 1,1'-ethylene-2,2'-bipyridyldiylium dibromide salt Molecular Formula: C12H12Br2N2 CAS NO.: 85-00-7 Properties: Technical diquat dibromide, which is greater than 95% pure, forms white to yellow crystals . Formulation dark brown liquid, odorless. Stable in neutral or acid solutions; decomposes in alkaline solutions. Slightly soluble in alcohols, hydroxylic solvents. Practically insoluble in nonpolar organic solvents. Uses: Diquat is used as pre-harvest desiccation of cotton, flax, alfalfa, clover, lupins, oilseed rape, poppies, soya beans, peas, beans, sunflowers, cereals, maize, rice, sugar beet, and other seed crops; destruction of potato haulms; and stripping of hops. Control of annual broad-leaved weeds in vines, pome fruit, stone fruit, bush fruit, strawberries (also control of runners), citrus fruit, olives, hops, vegetables, ornamental plants and…

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