Hydrous Calcined Kaolin For Paint

Application information TZJ-001 is specially recommended to use in PVC plastic profile and pipe applications as well as plastic masterbatch products. If can provide excellent extension to Ti02 and improve aging performance, whiteness and lubrication properties of PVC plastic profile and pipe products,while maintaining mechanical and weather fastness.Owing to its special crystal sheets and controlled particle size, after being dehydroxylated by controlled heat treatment for removal of crystalline-bound hydroxyl groups, it can form a void structure and an interface between air and particles, and crystal sheets can bond with polymers to strengthen impact resistance of plastics. As a partial replacement for TiO2, it can also help extend TiO2 to effectively improve whiteness of plastic profile and pipe products. If can also absorb or isolate free ions to improve thermal stability and aging performance of these products.TZJ-001 can be directly added to PVC plastic formulation without any s…

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