Ins Hot Sell Elux Legend 3500puffs Vape

Ins Hot Sell Elux Legend 3500puffs Vape The Elux LEGEND 3500 is our good sale products, and then we are a professional manufacture of disposable vape and e-cigarette. We can ensure providing you fresh fruit flavors, and then we support OEM&ODM, Welcome to contact us and try the product. Parameter: 1. Nic: 2% 2. Puff: 3500 puffs 3.Capacity: 5ml e liquid 4. Battery: 17350/1500mah 5. 10 pcs in a display box Flavor: Apple Peach Pear 苹果桃子梨 Redapple Ice 红苹果冰 Junglejuice 鸡尾酒 Pink Lenonade 粉红柠檬 Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum 草莓西瓜泡泡糖 Blueberry Bubblegum 蓝莓泡泡糖 Blueberry Sour Raspberry 蓝莓酸树莓 Sour Apple 酸苹果 Strawberryice Cream 草莓冰淇淋 Unicorn Shake 独角兽社会摇 Fujimelon 富士甜瓜 White Peach Razz 白桃梨 Banana Pudding 香蕉布丁 Cotton Candy 棉花糖 Peachblueberrycandy 桃子蓝莓樱桃 Freshmint 新鲜薄荷 Grape 葡萄 Strawberry Peach Lemon 草莓桃子柠檬 Vimto 混果 Strawberry Kiwi 草莓奇异果 Lemonrib…


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