Pipe for cold water supply syatem

Applications: Water Supply Pipe is widely used in high-end, precision,HVAC and Water Supply System at High Temperature and High Pressure. This Cross Linked Polyethylene Water Pipe  has no chemical crosslinking agent and catalyst added in the crosslinking process, and no harmful low-molecular compounds, so it will not pollute the liquid delivered. It is a new generation of healthy and environmentally friendly Crosslinked PE Pipe. We are the professional manufacturer of Electrical Tapes,Insulating Tape and Cross Linked Polyethylene Water Pipe in China for more than 25 years,if you want to know more information about our company and products, please visit our website www.casac1997.com. Features: 1.Pure physical crosslinking, without adding any chemical crosslinking agent, green environmental protection, especially suitable for high-demand fluid transportation such as pure water .1.Effectively prevent oxygen from entering th…

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