T150 TC U-Shaped Canted Cell Culture Flask Plug

High clarity medical grade polystyrene material Application: mainly for adherent cell culture and cell storage during transportation. Direction: cell screening, cell therapy, stem cell research, genetic engineering, antibody drugs, vaccines, new drugs R&D, etc. A brand new specification, T150 U-shaped Canted Neck Cell Culture Flask, is added to the collection, which deviates from the regular design. Without influencing the regular usage, the bottleneck is enlarged, allowing the pipettes or cell scrapers to reach every corner of the flask freely and flexibly. The unique U-shaped body is easier to hold and enhances the utilization rate of the bottom.  1. The bottleneck is enlarged to the size of the large mouth of NEST BioFactory, facilitating accessories’ matching and offering better tubes’ connection and closed transfer. 2. The U-shaped body design enhances the utilization rate of the bottom. 3. The membrane area of vent cap is enlarged for bette…

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