Thermostable robust phytase enzyme for animal feed

Feed grade thermostable and acid-resistant phytase enzyme for animal additive Nutrizyme PHY INTRODUCTION Nutrizyme®PHY (phytase) [EC] is a highly concentrated thermostable phytase preparation produced by submerged fermentation of Aspergillus niger followed by purification and formulation. It breaks down the undigestible phytic acid (phytate) found in grains and oil seeds and thus release digestible phosphorus, calcium and other nutrients. The thermostability, wide working pH range and the resistance to proteolysis of the product ensure its excellent performance. The even granulation and appropriate granulate size of the product make it easy to blend with feed well. DEFINITION OF UNIT 1 unit of phytase equals to the amount of enzyme, which liberates 1 μmol of inorganic phosphorus in 1 min, from 5.0mmol/L sodium phytase a…

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